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What Sales Reports does RightsMage Import


RightsMage imports sales reports for prior months from these retailers:

Amazon KDP


Barnes and Noble


Google Play

Ingram Spark

iTunes Connect

Kobo Writing Life


Findaway Voices

Pronoun (historical)

Createspace (historical)


Which files should you download from each retailer?

Amazon KDP

 - In KDP Dashboard, select Prior Month's Royalties

 - Select a prior month (month-to-date reporting is not yet complete) 

 - Select Generate Report (old format and new format should work fine)


 - Open the ACX Sales Dashboard

 - Select the Earnings Reports tab

 - Download the Royalty Report as CSV for each month you with to import

 - Note that Bounty reports can not be imported a this time. You can use Manual Sales Entry to enter bounties.

Barnes and Noble

 - Open the Barnes and Noble Sales Dashboard

 - Choose Sales by Month

 - Click Export to Spreadsheet


 - Open Draft2Digital Dashboard and click Reports -> Downloads

 - Download Sales Report for desired months

Google Play

 - Open Google Play Dashboard

 - Click Analytics and Reports

 - Select the first day of the month you want

 - Select the last day of the month you want

 - Download Google Play Sales Summary Report

 - Rename the downloaded file to include the first day of the report month.

  - Example: GoogleSalesSummaryReport-06-01-2018.csv

  - RoyaltyPro will use this date instead of asking you during the import.

Ingram Spark

 - Open Ingram Spark dashboard

 - Click Reports

 - Select Email File - Tab Delimited (Excel)

iTunes Connect

 - Open iTunes Connect

 - You do not have to unzip the ".z" files, but you can if you want. RoyaltyPro will import the ".z" or the ".txt" files

Kobo Writing Life

 - Open Kobo Writing Life Payment History and download invoice.

 - There is no need to extract the .zip file. RoyaltyPro will extract it for you during import

 - or Use the Excel ( .xlsx ) files Writinglife previously sent via email


 - Open the Sales and Payment Report

 - Select the desired year

 - Year-to-date sales data will be overwritten by the new data

Findaway Voices

Navigate to the Sales Reporting dashboard

Select the month from the Date Range selector

Click Download CSV Report

Note: It is best to wait until the PDF invoice is available to download the finalized CSV data



 - Select Royalty Details report

 - Select prior month

 - Click Run Report



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